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Dando Terrier Rotary Rig

Dam Drilling, Peru

Operating on a dam at 2100m altitude, a Peruvian contractor’s Dando Terrier, fitted with 35hp engine, drilling to 31.5m through gravel and sand using a 3” hammer and compressor

Rotary Dando Terrier, Bolivia

Seismic Drilling, Ecuador

Angle Drilling Dando Terrier

Gold Exploration in the Jungles of the Congo

Angle Drilling in Spain

Angle Drilling Terrier and Track Mounted Compressor at Dando's Testing Facility

Multitec 4000 MK3 Multipurpose Rig

Open Hole Drilling and Conventional Coring, UK

Multitec 4000 MK3, Tanzania

Multitec 4000 MK3, Peru

In situ testing, HQ wireline coring and DTH drilling in Peru

Multitec 4000 MK3 with Heavy Duty Mast set for Peru

Multitec 4000 MK3 with Standard Mast set for Tanzania

Multitec 4000 MK2, Site Investigation, Bolivia

A Multitec 4000 MK2 purchased by an electricity company in Bolivia. The rig is being used for geotechnical work in Cochabamba, including HWL coring up to 200m, SPTs, Shelby tube sampling and lugeon tests. Compact, lightweight and mounted on tracks the rig is ideal for work in areas of difficult access, for example crossing rough terrain to access river banks

Multitec 4000 MK2, Domestic GSHP Drilling, UK

The Multitec 4000 MK2 drilling two boreholes to 120m for a domestic GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump) project.

Truck Mounted Multitec 4000 MK2, Kuwait

Custom built to the customer’s requirements, the two rigs are fitted with a large peristaltic Bredel pump capable of pumping very high viscous materials, hydraulic side shift for the rotary head and a hydraulic SPT hammer. These machines are being used for geotechnical drilling in Kuwait.

Multitec 4000 MK2, Wireline Coring in the UK

HWL/NWL wireline coring limestone to 150m for UK mineral exploration.

Multitec 4000 MK2, Panama Canal

Conducting site investigation for the widening of the Panama Canal at the Pacific entrance, Panama City.

Multitec 9000 Multipurpose Rig

Nickel Exploration in Indonesia

Gold Prospecting in Sudan

4” Reverse Circulation boreholes between 100m and 150m, drilled at angles between 60 degrees and vertical. The rig will also be conducting H wireline core drilling to provide further information in select areas.

Copper Exploration with the Truck Mounted Multitec 9000 in DRC

A mining project independently ranked as the world’s largest discovery of undeveloped, high-grade copper. Featuring the CH400 high speed rotary head and truck mounted for increased mobility, the rig drilled 10 degrees from vertical with a PWL wireline system to 60m before continuing to 250m with HWL equipment.

Wireline Coring for Nickel Exploration in Indonesia

Copper Exploration Drilling in DRC

Multitec 9000 for Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling

Multitec 9000 with Track Mounted Compressor

Coal Exploration in Indonesia

Multitec 9000 with SPT Attachment

Wireline Coring in Zambia

Coal Exploration in Indonesia

Coretec 9000 Wireline Coring Rig

SDC375 Sonic Drilling Rig

Copper Exploration, Chile

Sonic SDC375 with 350hp Engine and Triple Clamp System

In-situ testing, USA

Sonic SDC375 at the Dando Factory

Mintec 12.8 Mineral Exploration Rig

Gold Exploration, Saudi Arabia

Coal Exploration Across Indonesia

Gold Exploration, Ghana

Mintec 18 Mineral Exploration Rig

Truck Mounted Mintec 18 set for Pakistan

Crawler Mounted Mintec 18

Furukawa HCR1400 Crawler Drill

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