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Dando Drilling are able to offer market leading slim-hole borehole logging equipment, either as part of a drilling rig package or as aftermarket equipment. borehole logging

Logging systems are available for water wells, CBM (Coal-bed-methane) drilling and exploration drilling. 

To ensure that we provide only the best equipment available we work closely with Britain's most experienced designer and manufacturer of slim-hole borehole logging systems.

The product range available includes a full range of surface units as well as winches and a range of probes for measuring and logging all relevant properties including:

  • High-Resolution Acoustic Televiewer
  • Impeller Flowmeter
  • Borehole Optical Televiewer
  • Heat-Pulse Flowmeter
  • Borehole Video Inspection Systems
  • Induced Polarisation
  • Density Gamma (Trisonde)
  • Fluid Temperature / Conductivity
  • Sidewall Density and Density/Guard
  • Water Quality
  • Small-Source Density
  • Water / Gas Sampler
  • Neutron
  • Three-Arm Caliper
  • Dual Neutron
  • Borehole Geometry
  • Natural Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Verticality
  • Electric Log
  • Gyroscopic Verticality
  • Focussed Electric (Guard Log)
  • Four-Arm Dipmeter
  • Microresistivity
  • Full-Waveform Compensated Sonic
  • Focussed Induction
  • Slim Full-waveform Triple Sonic
  • Dual Focussed Induction
  • Digital P-S Suspension Log
  • Ultra-slim Focussed Induction
  • Magnetic Susceptibility

For more information about how Dando can help with your borehole logging requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us, either via our contact form or telephone on +44 (0) 1903 731312






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