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In order to realise the full potential of any drilling rig or machine, the training of personnel is of the utmost importance.

Dando’s team of friendly and highly experienced drilling engineers can commission a customer’s drilling rig and, on request, provide training and familiarisation with all aspects of the Dando machine. Training schedules involve a variety of classroom and on-site practical work which can be tailored to the exact requirements of the customer.

Classroom training may cover:

  • Full presentation of manuals
  • Maintenance, including preventative maintenance.
  • Fault finding and trouble shooting
  • Planning the drilling operations
  • Theory in rotary drilling technique, including:
    • Drilling with mud (mixing and management)
    • Drilling with compressed air
  • Health and safety on the drill site

On-site practical training may cover:

  • Planning and construction of the drill site    
  • Moving equipment     
  • General organisation of the drill site
  • Individual roles of the crew
  • Familiarisation of the drilling rig controls
  • Examination of the drilling tools and their terminology         
  • Selection of the correct drill tools according to purpose         
  • Mixing drilling fluid.             
  • Commencing drilling operations
  • Continual assessment and logging                  .           
  • In-hole problems and solutions.                                          
  • Forward planning
  • Drill crew appraisals     

The duration of the training period offered can vary, depending on the requirements of the customer and the experience of the drilling crew.  Dando can also set up service and support contracts where Dando’s engineers will visit each machine every quarter to review maintenance records and drilling performance.




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