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With a height-adjustable telescopic mast, the collapsible Dando 1500 shell and auger rig can be easily positioned into working areas of tight space allowing the operator to adapt the rig to the job in hand. Detachable wheels allow for increased mobility of the base unit and can be easily removed when needed. The rig’s powerful Hatz silent engine provides reliability, easy servicing and noise reduction, along with a tried and tested hoisting assembly with mechanical clutch and brake. Available as an option the sampson post with electric mast raising winch can be fitted to the rig. The Dando 1500 is also available mounted on tracks- Click here for more information


Silent engine pack

Improved winch guarding

U4 (U100) and SPT

Adjustable height

Able to operate in tight spaces of restricted headroom

Electric mast raising winch

Detachable wheels for increased mobility of the base unit

Emergency stop button

Tough and long lasting- built to last for decades.

Tooling- rig packages can be supplied with a full range of tools including bits,casing, rods etc. All packages are tailored to suit your needs.

Training- training is available from experienced Dando engineers.


Main Specification

Engine Type = Hatz 1D81C 
Power = 8.1 Kw @ 2250rpm 11bhp
Output Torque = 33 Nm @ 2250rpm
Max Derrick Swl = 4000kg
Winch Single Line Pull = 1500kg
Options Available = Sampson post with electric mast raising winch

Dimensions (mm):

Base Unit= 1650 (l) 737 (w) 250 (h)
Base Unit Low Mast= 2580 (l) 1248 (w) 2500 (h) 2.175m (working height)
Base Unit Mid Mast = 2835 (l) 1437 (w) 3000 (h) 2.675m (working height)
Base Unit High Mast= 3124 (l) 1626 (w) 3500 (h) 3.175m (working height)
Base Unit with Wheels= 1778 (l) 1005 (w) 250 (h)
Base Unit and Sampson Post= 2224 (length incl. winch guard) 1964(l) 737 (w) 1150 (h)

Weights (kg):

Dando 1000 without Sampson Post= 463; 423 (dry)
Dando 1000 with Sampson Post = 577; 612 (with wireline)
Sampson Post only = 114
Mast Assembly (all parts) = 249 (3.5m mast); 352 (4.5m mast)

Drilling Depths And Diameters:

4 Inches (100mm) = 46 metres (150 feet)
6 Inches (150mm) = 26 metres (85 feet)
8 Inches (200mm) = 20 metres (65 feet)


Dando 1500 LHR On Site in the UK

Dando 1500 LHR at the Dando Factory