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Occupying a small footprint, the compact and extremely versatile Dando Terrier drilling rig is designed to be easily transportable and simple to manoeuvre through tight spaces with difficult access, causing very little disturbance to its surroundings- it can even fit through a standard doorway. Capable of disturbed and undisturbed sampling, SPT and dynamic probing, the rig's rotary mast attachment extends its range of use to include continuous flight & hollow stem augering, tricone & drag bits and rotary core drilling as well as DTH hammers.

Constructed from high grade aluminium and designed using latest software, the Dando Terrier is also available in a lightweight version boasting a lower ground pressure for when working in sensitive, fragile terrains and providing a wider range of logistic options. 

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NEW Dando Terrier MK2

Angle Drilling Terrier with Track Mounted Compressor

Lightweight Dando Terrier



A fabricated box section sub-frame incorporating drop hammer support, controls, engine mounting and tool storage.

A two-piece drop hammer runs on two guide bars. The weight is fully guarded and can be quickly changed for  SPT or dynamic probing standards. Next to the drilling controls a blow counter is installed which is illuminated with large digits for easy reading. An extension loom is provided when operating the mast remotely. Attached to the mast is a 1m measurement scale for the easy monitoring of progress.

Trip Hammer Speed: 0-50 blows per minute
Trip Hammer Drop: 500mm - 750mm
Trip Hammer Weight: 50kg or 63.5 kg

A fabricated, welded steel box section construction, hinge pin mounted to main superstructure, hydraulically raised and lowered.

Overall height: 2.22m - 2.85m

Pull down capacity: 1000 kgf
Pull back capacity: 7000 kgf
Width: 655mm (including wheels) 1166m (jacks out)

The entire mast assembly with wheels can be detached from the main superstructure for operation in areas of restricted access.


A purpose built crawler chassis with rubber tracks fitted with tilt mechanism, allowing rig to operate vertically on slopes inclined up to 30 degrees from horizontal.

Crawler width: 800mm

Overall length mast down: 2.70 m
Overall height mast down: 1.48 m
Total weight: 1126 kg


Hydraulic system powered by a 16.8HP water-cooled diesel engine, provides power for drilling, rigging and tracking:

Flow for PTO: 38.88 l/min
Maximum Working Pressure: 152 bar


A quick connect auxiliary circuit is fitted as standard to the Terrier hydraulic system which runs the Terrier sampling hammer as well as other equipment, including sand guzzlers and casing jacks. The circuit is protected by a separate pressure relief valve and has a variable flow control valve fitted to the control panel for fine control.

Rotary concrete coring head

With the remote drilling kit the whole control panel and mast can be removed and operated up to 30m away from the main base unit.

Casing extractor

Lifting kit

Expanded Tracks

Can be equipped for Texas Cone Penetration Standards

Rotary Specification


Driven by a hydraulic motor fitted with a 7 : 1 ratio gearbox with manual gear change, providing full controlled power and rotational speeds in forward or reverse. Integral side inlet water swivel with BW Rod connection fitted to travelling carriage plate with bolts.

High Range

Maximum Torque 155.6 ft-lb, 211Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed 360 rpm

Low Range

Maximum Torque 1089 ft-lb, 1477Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed 52 rpm

 Guide Ring: 170mm effective ID


A fabricated welded steel box section construction fitted with a pair of wheels and two levelling jacks. Hydraulically raised and lowered by a single double-acting ram on the main Terrier undercarriage and attached via the pivot frame assembly.

Length= 2750mm

Height= 2195mm (2.2m stroke); 1962mm (1.6m stroke)


Provided by a single double-acting ram transmitting adjustable hydraulic load to the rotary head.

Stroke: 2.2m to accommodate 2.0m effective length drill rods.

Stroke: 1.6m to accommodate 1.0m effective length drill rods.

Feed force: 1000kgf

Pullback: 7000kgf



Hydraulic functions of the hoist/feed and rotation are controlled from the main hydraulic control valve on the Terrier. Hydraulic power is supplied via PTO from the main Terrier hydraulic power pack.

Weight of Dando Terrier base assembly: 754kg

Weight of rotary head mast assembly attachment:

Long Mast 2.2 Stroke: 359kg

Short Mast 1.6 Stroke: 265kg


Set of stabilising jacks.



Chalwyn Valve and Spark Arrestor

Wireless Remote for Tracking

Casing Extractor

Lifting kit


Hollow Stem Auger Drilling with the Tractor Mounted Dando Terrier

A UK golf club’s tractor mounted Dando Terrier drilling shallow dewatering holes on its greens, predominantly made of clay, for draining surface water. Having previously used a drilling contractor to conduct this work, the customer’s new Terrier proves a more cost effective and flexible solution, with the rig being readily available when needed.

Rotary Drilling on Peruvian Dam

Operating on a dam at 2100m altitude, a Peruvian contractor’s Dando Terrier, fitted with 35hp engine, drilling to 31.5m through gravel and sand using a 3” hammer and compressor

Site Investigation in Bolivia

Lightweight Dando Terrier with Expanded Tracks

Drilling to 45 Metres Deep in Costa Rica

Supplied in 2007, a Costa Rican customer's Dando Terrier which drilled two boreholes up to 45m deep (coring with T2-76) in mud and sand conditions.

Rotary Dando Terrier Seismic Drilling in Brazil

Dando Lightweight Terrier Operating in Wales

Seven Terriers set for Railway Ballast Sampling in Turkey

Dando Terrier, Malaysia

Foundation Investigation in Oregon, USA

Dando Terrier, Panama

Site Investigation at a Theatre in Sweden

Terrier with 35HP Engine Supplied to Bolivian University for High Altitude Drilling

Dando Terrier in Ecuador

Drilling at High Altitudes in Peru

Terrier in Sierra Leone

Customer Training in the UK

Seismic Exploration in Colombia

Site Investigation in Uganda

Environmental Monitoring in Sweden

Site Investigation in Canada

Terrier Training in the UK

Exploration Drilling in Mexico

Site Investigation in USA

Site Investigation in the UK


Seismic Drilling in Brazil

Angle Drilling with the Dando Terrier and Tracked Compressor

Dando Terrier Demonstration in Colombia 

Dando Terrier Sampling Hammer

British Geological Survey Drill with the Dando Terrier

Drive Sampling

Concrete Coring

Rotary Drilling

Remote Control Feature

Slope Drilling

Remote Drilling




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