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The Multitec 4000 is the latest addition to Dando’s line of high performance multipurpose top-drive rotary rigs and is the smallest in the range so far. With a pullback of 4000kgf, the rig is designed to be ultra-compact, lightweight, easily transportable, and capable of a wide range of drilling techniques for the water, mineral, geotechnical and geothermal sectors.

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Chassis Fabrication
-Steel box section construction for the main chassis designed to ensure lowest weight possible while maintaining high strength.
-4 hydraulic levelling jacks fitted, operating on a three point system with automatic check valves.

Rig Safety
-3 emergency stop buttons.
-Optional safety gate with interlock.
-Hydraulic system protection via relief valves.

Track System
-250mm (9.8 inch) wide rubber tracks mounted on a ridged steel chassis (optional hydraulically expanding tracks.)
-Rig Width: 1400mm.
-Current Track Clearance Max: 400mm.

Tracking Controls
-Umbilical tracking via pilot control to ensure safe operating distance while the rig is in transit.
-Radio remote tracking with manual backup is available as an option.

Power Pack
-Powered by a silent pack diesel engine. Various power ratings are available from 50hp to 100hp depending on application and country of operation.
-60L diesel tank.

-Steel box section construction with a pullback capacity of 4000kgf. A hydraulic cylinder operates a reeved chain hoist system mounted on a tilting frame to drill in the vertical position with mast dump.
-The rig is capable of drilling at 45° to 93° angles.
-1000mm (39 inch) mast dump to place mast foot on the ground while drilling vertically or at angles.
-Working stroke: 2.6m (8.5ft) as standard. 3.6m (11.8ft) and 2.2m (7.2ft) strokes are also available.

Breakout Device
-Double breakout clamps with adjustable rod guides, 50mm – 240mm.
-Guide table with hydraulic breakout ram.

-250m wireline winch using 3 1/16” wireline.
-1340kg tooling winch. Other options available.

Rotary Head
-Four speed top-drive rotary head with 1.5inch water/air swivel. Various speeds and torques available ranging from 1000rpm to 6500Nm torque.
-Side shift with 3 index positions
-Optional heavy duty floating sub available.
-Optional RC kit and sonic drill head available.

Hydraulic System/ Control Panel
-Load sensing, variable piston pump and single gear pump driven direct from the deck engine and controlled by manual spool valves. Cooling is provided by a single electric fan oil cooler.
-Hydraulic tank capacity: 200L.
-System pressure: approx. 200 bar.
-Standard auxiliary hydraulic quick connect circuit for mud mixer or external pump.

Coring Pump
-Coring pump capable of 103lpm (27.2 us/gpm) at up to 30bar (432psi.) Other options available.

Mud Pump
-Various options available

PDF Specification Sheet


  • Floating sub
  • Toolboxes
  • Folding mast extension
  • Auxiliary quick connect circuit
  • Safety cage
  • Rig lighting
  • Automatic SPT hammer
  • Dando Duplex Drive (3D) system
  • Progressive cavity mud pump
  • Coring pump
  • Hydraulic drifter
  • RC conversion
  • Double clamps
  • Triple clamps
  • Mast foot casing jack
  • Wireline winch 2 tonne main winch
  • Radio remote
  • Expanding tracks
  • Sonic head
  • Hammer oiler
  • Rod handler
  • CPT mast
  • Diverter
  • Top hammer head
  • Trailer and truck mounting (various trucks)
  • Various engine options


Site Investigation, Bolivia

A Multitec 4000 purchased last year by an electricity company in Bolivia. The rig is being used for geotechnical work in Cochabamba, including HWL coring up to 200m, SPTs, Shelby tube sampling and lugeon tests. Compact, lightweight and mounted on tracks the rig is ideal for work in areas of difficult access, for example crossing rough terrain to access river banks

Domestic GSHP Drilling, UK

The Multitec 4000 drilling two boreholes to 120m for a domestic GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump) project.

Two Truck Mounted Multitec 4000s for Geotechnical Drilling in Kuwait

Custom built to the customer’s requirements, the rigs are fitted with a large peristaltic Bredel pump capable of pumping very high viscous materials, hydraulic side shift for the rotary head and a hydraulic SPT hammer. These machines are being used for geotechnical drilling in Kuwait.

Auger drilling and SPT with one of the rigs.

Multitec 4000 set for Bolivia

Equipped with a 111hp engine and 4 Tonne main winch, the rig has been acquired by an electrical company in Bolivia who will use it for coring, SPT, Shelby tube sampling and permeability tests across a range of geotechnical projects.

This particular rig also features a recovery winch, 3 position carriage and a wireline winch mounted on the headache post.

Wireline Coring in the UK

H/N wireline coring limestone to 150m for UK mineral exploration. 

Multitec 4000, Panama Canal

Conducting site investigation for the widening of the Panama Canal at the Pacific entrance, Panama City. 

Multitec 4000 set for UK customer

Multitec 4000, Bolivia

Multitec 4000, Chile

Watertec 4000 for Water Well Drilling

Multitec 4000 with 3D Hammer, Dando Factory

Diamond Exploration in Sierra Leone

Multitec 4000 with the Dando Duplex Drive (3D) Sampling System

Multitec 4000, West Sussex England


Wireline Coring in the UK

Multitec 4000 Features and Options




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