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Dando are continuously looking at ways of improving their existing machines and bringing new, innovative products to market to meet the current demands and requirements of the drilling industry. 

Click the following link for a brochure displaying Dando's latest products and innovations 


Dando Terrier MK2

With a range of new features for increased productivity, safety and ease of use, the compact, versatile Dando Terrier MK2 has been designed specifically for site investigation and environmental analysis. Crawler mounted for easy access to areas of restricted access, the rig boasts the following features: 300mm hydraulic mast dump; swing out trip hammer; the ability to trip out multiple rods; stainless steel rod guide; trip hammer auto-stop; new split weight design; and much more. It also comes with a wide range of optional extras.



Dando Ibex Slope Drilling Rig

Designed in collaboration with leading UK geotechnical contractor and consultant Bridgeway Consulting Limited, the new track mounted Dando Ibex allows dynamic sampling, SPT and rotary drilling to be conducted safely and securely on slopes of up to 55 degrees.

Featuring a hydraulically deployed working platform, computer controlled auto-levelling and expanding tracks, the dual mast rig is able to operate on previously inaccessible slopes and is ideal for work on areas such as railway embankments.



Watertec 50 Heavy Duty Water Well Rig

Designed for drilling large diameter water wells to great depths, the heavy duty Dando Watertec 50 features a pullback capacity of 50,000kgf and is now the largest hydraulic top-drive water well rig offered by Dando. The first machine was sold to a customer operating in Africa, supplied with a mud cleaning system and rod trolley & rails. 


Dando Lightweight Terrier

Dando's Terrier site investigation rig is now available in a new lightweight version, constructed from high grade aluminium and designed using latest software.

The Dando Lightweight Terrier boasts a lower ground pressure for when working in sensitive, fragile terrains and provides a wider range of logistic options. Its compact design allows easy access through tight, narrow passages and the optional expanded tracks provide increased stability when needed.


Dando Duplex Drive (3D) System

The Dando Multitec4000, along with other rigs in the Dando range, is now available with the new Dando 3D geotechnical sampling and testing system.

The specially designed automatic trip hammer is used to take soft ground undisturbed samples with the Dando Duplex Drive (3D) system which advances the casing at the same time as taking a sample.

Fitted with the standard 63.5kg drop weight, the hammer is also capable of SPT (Standard Penetration Testing.) The unique design of the assembly means no additional load is applied to the SPT tooling thus ensuring the best results possible.



Angle Drilling Terrier with Track Mounted Compressor

Dando's compact, versatile Terrier rig is now available fitted with mast dump for angle drilling up to 45 degrees from vertical.

The machine is also available with a new track mounted compressor unit, providing 400cfm at 170psi.

The Terrier’s ultra-small footprint and easy manoeuvrability means the rig is particularly suited to work in jungle and forest environments, causing very little disturbance to its surroundings.


Multitec 4000 

The Multitec 4000 is a new addition to Dando’s line of multipurpose top-drive rotary rigs and is the smallest in the range so far. Designed to be ultra-compact, lightweight and easily transportable, the rig has a pullback of 4000kgf and is capable of a wide range of drilling techniques in the water, mineral and geotechnical sectors.



Track Mounted Dando 1500 LHR

The first rig of its kind, the track mounted version of the Dando 1500 LHR combines the practicality of a mini-crawler with the sampling capabilities of a fully featured cable percussion rig.

Fitted with a Hatz silent engine the compact rig can be tracked through tight spaces over rough terrain using the umbilical remote control panel- it is even possible to track the machine in a straight line with the mast up. The height-adjustable mast can be set at four different positions to match the job in hand-3m; 3.5m; 4m; 4.5m high.


Dual Mast Dando Terrier 

The Dual Mast Dando Terrier  rig has been designed to permit the use of a wide range of drilling techniques in the same borehole, using the tried and tested Terrier drive sampling system and powerful Terrier rotary system alternately in the same hole without having to switch.

Designed to trip out either drive sampling/SPT rods or rotary drill rods in 4m lengths, the new Terrier operates by hydraulically sliding the drive sampler or rotary drill into position over the borehole when required. With this new machine it would be possible to sample and perform a standard penetration test to a depth of 15m+ and then take a core of hard rock to approximately 50m. 


Sonic SDC375 Sonic Drilling Rig

Designed in collaboration with sonic drilling pioneers Sonic Drill Corp., the SDC 375,with a pullback capacity of 10,000kgf, is a multipurpose sonic drilling rig capable of continuously collecting large diameter undisturbed samples at much higher rates than conventional methods.

Its compact and powerful design, featuring the industry leading Sonicor 50K rotary head, offers great flexibility for a range of drilling applications including mineral, water, geotechnical and geothermal. The machine is available with various options including rod handler, automatic SPT hammer, swing-in coring head, safety gates, radio remote tracking and more.

Other Upcoming Developments:

CBM Drilling Rig 

Dando’s non-conventional gas drilling rig has been specially designed for coal bed methane and shale gas drilling. Ideal for drilling with air, the truck mounted Dando CBM rig boasts the following advantages over conventional drilling rigs:

  • Compact design with a low profile allowing the rig to operate on a smaller footprint than a conventional drilling rig
  • Cuts labour costs by reducing the personnel needed
  • Minimum rig-up and displacement procedure times.
  • Capable of a large range of drilling operations; the rig can easily handle 3” 2000psi circulation piping and range III pipes.
  • High torque rotary head
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