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Photos: Dando Dual Mast Terrier in Australia


Dando has recently received new photos of its Dando Dual Mast Terrier drilling rig operating in Australia.

Purchased earlier this year, the customer’s machine has already been involved in a diverse range of site investigation projects, from working on railway platforms to underground car parks and from commercial offices to domestic properties.

The Terrier’s small footprint and compact crawler mounted design has proven key where the customer has been drilling in areas of restricted headroom and limited space, capable of fitting through standard doorways and manoeuvring down narrow passages.

dual-mast-terrier-indoorsWhen moving from site to site, the rig fits easily into a trailer towed behind a utility vehicle.

dual-mast-terrier-trailerCapable of conducting dynamic sampling, SPT and rotary drilling, the operator can  easily  switch from the tried and tested drive sampling system to the powerful rotary drill without having to change masts; the drive sampler or rotary head slides hydraulically into position when required. Drilling equipment in 4m lengths can be tripped out using the rig’s telescopic winch system.

For more information on the Dando Dual Mast Terrier please visit the Dando Dual Mast Terrier Product Page.

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