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Photos of Dando mineral exploration rigs working on-site

Truck Mounted Mintec 18 set for Pakistan

Supplied to a government body in Pakistan for mineral exploration and water well drilling, this truck mounted rig is fitted with a two-speed 10 tonne capacity winch, high speed high torque rotary head, Gardner Denver mud pump, FMC coring pump, wireline winch, 520mm clamps with hydraulic swing out and a single hydraulic clamp under the rotary head.   

Multitec 9000 Wireline Coring for Nickel Exploration in Indonesia

Angle Drilling Terrier, Gold Exploration, Congo

Coretec 9000, Kenya

Mintec 12.8, Gold Exploration, Saudi Arabia

Mintec 12.8, Coal Exploration, Indonesia

Multitec 9000, Coal Exploration, Indonesia

Multitec 9000, Wireline Core Drilling,  Zambia

Mintec 12.8, Gold Exploration, Ghana

Mintec 12.8, Coal Exploration, Indonesia

Mintec 12.8, Dando Factory, UK

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