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Dando water well drilling rig photo gallery. A selection of current and historic photos of Dando's  hydraulic top-head-drive and cable percussion water well drilling rigs.

Truck Mounted Watertec 9000 for Rural Water Supply and Irrigation in Indonesia

Truck Mounted Watertec 9000 Supplied to a UK Water Charity

Watertec 40 Conducting Large Diameter Drilling in Algeria

Deep Water Well Drilling with the Watertec 40 in Chad

NGO Drilling Water Wells in Burkina Faso 

18 Trailer Mounted Watertec 9000s Supplied to the Indonesian Army

Watertec 40s Drilling in Nigeria

Watertec 24 Drilling for a UN Project in Darfur,Sudan

5 Watertec 12.8s Supplied to the British Army

Watertec 12.8 Drilling in Burkina Faso

Watertec 24 Encountering Large Amounts of Water in Northern Iraq

Watertec 6 Drilling Water Wells in Sudan

Dando Buffalo 3000 Cable Percussion Rig in Malawi

Watertec 40 Supplied to Costa Rica

Watertec 24 Drilling for Water in Ethiopia

Watertec 40 Supplied to Iraq

Track Mounted Watertec 6 Drilling Boreholes in the Maldives


Click here to view Dando's range of water well drilling rigs.

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