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Dando 1500 Track Mounted Shell and Auger Rig

The Dando 1500 LHR is a fully featured shell and auger rig with the manoeuvrability of a mini-crawler.

Mounted on a purpose built crawler chassis with rubber tracks the Dando 1500 LHR is compact, flexible and capable of fitting through a standard doorway. This unique type of rig comes equipped with a silent engine pack and has a pullback capacity of 1500kg.

Using the umbilical remote control panel the machine can be easily tracked through tight spaces over difficult terrain; it can also be tracked in a straight line with the mast erect. Ideal for working indoors where headroom is limited, the D1500’s height-adjustable mast can be set at four different positions allowing the operator to adapt the rig to the job in hand.

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Engine Type (drilling functions) Hatz 1D81C
Power 8.1Kw @ 2250rpm 11bhp
Output Torque 33Nm @ 2250rpm
Max Derrick SWL 4000kg
Winch Single Line Pull 1500kg
Track Width 780mm
4 Inches (100mm) 46 metres (150 feet)
6 Inches (150mm) 26 metres (85 feet)
8 Inches (200mm) 20 metres (65 feet)

* Depths stated are theoretical and based on 100% capacity of the machine. Depths achieved will depend on variables including ground conditions and capability of crew operating the machine.

  • One complete and compact collapsible unit with detachable legs.
  • Can be deployed within its own footprint
  • Umbilical remote control for tracking of the rig.
  • Possible to track the rig while the mast is erect.
  • Twin mast hydraulic raising rams.
  • Single ram mast serrated foot dump.
  • Adjustable mast height. Can be set at 3, 3.5, 4 or 4.5 metres high.
  • Equipped with a Hatz silent engine.
  • Transit bar for keeping mast legs compact when rig is being transported.
  • Removable foot brake

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