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Dando Terrier Rotary Rig

Perfect for work in confined spaces of difficult access, this small, incredibly versatile rotary drilling rig can be used for continuous flight & hollow stem augering, coring as well as drilling with tricones, drag bits and DTH hammers.

The crawler mounted rig is easily transportable and simple to manoeuvre through tight passages, causing very little disturbance to its surroundings- it can even fit through a standard doorway.



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Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Mast and Head Driven by a hydraulic motor fitted with a 7 : 1 ratio gearbox with manual gear change, providing full controlled power and rotational speeds in forward or reverse
Integral side inlet water swivel with BW Rod connection fitted to travelling carriage plate with bolts
High Range Maximum Torque: 155.6 ft-l, 211Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed: 360rpm
Low Range Maximum Torque: 1089 ft-lb, 1477Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed: 52rpm
Guide Ring: 170mm effective ID
Mast and Carriage Assembly A fabricated welded steel box section construction fitted with a pair of wheels and two levelling jacks
Hydraulically raised and lowered by a single double-acting ram on the main Terrier undercarriage and attached via the pivot frame assembly
Length: 2750mm
Height: 2195mm (2.2m stroke); 1962mm (1.6m stroke)
Feed and Hoist System Provided by a single double-acting ram transmitting adjustable hydraulic load to the rotary head.
Stroke: 2.2m to accommodate 2.0m effective length drill rods
Stroke: 1.6m to accommodate 1.0m effective length drill rods
Feed force: 1000kgf
Pullback: 7000kgf
Controls and Hydraulic Power Hydraulic functions of the hoist/feed and rotation are controlled from the main hydraulic control valve on the Terrier
Hydraulic power is supplied via PTO from the main Terrier hydraulic power pack
Weight of Dando Terrier base assembly: 754kg
Rotary head mast assembly attachment weight Long Mast 2.2 Stroke: 359kg
Short Mast 1.6 Stroke: 265kg
Jack Legs Set of stabilising jacks
  • Chalwyn Valve and Spark Arrestor
  • Wireless Remote for Tracking
  • Casing Extractor
  • Lifting Kit

Dam Drilling, Peru

Operating on a dam at 2100m altitude, a Peruvian contractor’s Dando Terrier, fitted with 35hp engine, drilling to 31.5m through gravel and sand using a 3” hammer and compressor

Rotary Dando Terrier, Bolivia

Seismic Drilling, Ecuador

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