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Enhancing Exploration (Geodrilling February 2017)

Exploration and Sampling Feature Article (International Mining 2017) 

Weathering Difficult Conditions (Geodrilling November 2016) 

Surface Drilling- Small But Mighty (Geodrilling October 2016)

How to Sell Multi Feature Drilling Rigs at Standard Costs (viking-west August 2016)

Product Profile: The Flexibility of the Dando Terrier Mk 2 (viking-west.com August 2016)

How the UK’s Dando Drilling is Dealing With a Turbulent 2016 (viking-west.com August 2016)

Time for an Upgrade- Terrier MK2 (Geodrilling June 2016)

Coming of Age- Sonic Drilling (Geodrilling April 2016)

Innovations in Coal Exploration (World Coal Feb 16)

Diverse Needs of the Water Sector (Geodrilling Nov 15)

Dando Presents the Ibex Slope Driller (Geodrilling Newsletter July 15)

Exploring New Options (Mining Magazine April 15)

Which Drill Rig? (Mining Magazine April 15)

Reaching the Unreached in Burkina Faso (World Water April 15)

More Splash for your Buck (Geodrilling International March 15)

On Track (Geodrilling International Dec 14)

Off the Cusp- SDC375 Sonic Drilling Rig (National Driller Dec 14)

Dando's New Products (African Mining Brief Nov 14)

Rough Terrain Drilling (Geodrilling Sept 14)

Dando's New Site Investigation Rigs (Geodrilling Sept 14)

Rig Maker Dando Drilling Digs Deep for UK Jobs (Sunday Telegraph April 14)

Global Investigations (Geodrilling April 14)

New Dando Drilling Innovations (International Mining April 14)

Dando Expands Line of Geotechnical Drilling Rigs (National Driller Jan 14)

In Expansive Mode (Geodrilling Jan/Feb 14)

Dando Drilling, Sonic Drill Develop Compact Rig (National Driller Dec 13)

Dando Tackles Indonesian Drilling for KPC (The Asia Miner Nov/Dec 13)

Borno Rural Water Supply Project Advances in Nigeria (World Water Nov/Dec 13)

The Value of Experience (Geodrilling April 13)

On a Mission in Darfur (Geodrilling Oct 12)

Dando Company Profile (Australasian Drilling Sept/Oct 12)

Dando Boasts the Tenacious Terrier (Worlwide Drilling Resource June 12)

UK Sunday Times (June 12)

Where There's a Well There's a Way (Geodrilling International May 12)

Dando Rigs Head for Indonesian Coal Exploration (International Mining March 12)

Clean Water Saves Lives (Geodrilling International Dec 11)




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