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Home Drilling Rigs Geotechnical Ibex Slope Drilling Rig


The new track mounted Dando Ibex allows dynamic sampling, SPT and rotary drilling to be conducted safely and securely on inclines of up to 55 degrees. Featuring a hydraulically deployed working platform, computer controlled auto-levelling and expanding track system, the dual mast rig is able to operate on previously inaccessible slopes and is ideal for work on areas such as railway embankments. 


- Computer controlled auto-levelling, with manual override, means the working platform automatically levels, front to back and side to side, as the rig climbs the slope.

- Unique climbing winch and hydraulic anchors.

- Dual mast with winch for conducting dynamic sampling, SPT and rotary drilling. 

- Capable of tripping out 4m drill rods with a variable height mast extension.

- A hydraulically deployed walk way is mounted to the rig providing a safe working area and easy access to the work bench and drill mast.

- Fully radio remote controlled rig articulation and tracking, with manually operated drilling controls.

- Single hydraulic foot clamp, up to 180mm opening.

- Folds to a compact size with minimum assemble and short setup time. 

- Mounted on expandable tracks, with various rubber and steel track options available.

- Built-in 2.5m3 storage box for equipment and samples. Accessible from the deck and the rear.

- Rod rack with 0-75° hydraulic raise feature for easy access.



  • - Expanding undercarriage complete with sub-chassis arm to ensure ground contact of front platform for gradients of 20-60° *
  • - Longitudinal slewing mechanism for ±15° roll articulation *
  • - Lateral pivot for 0-60° pitch articulation *
  • - Independent rear stabilisers for anchoring during rig deployment*
  • - Independent front telescopic levelling jacks *
  • - Automated transit mast locking system.
  • - Work bench complete with vice for working with sample tubes
  • - 2.5m3 storage box to stow away floor grating, railings, equipment & samples.
  • - Rod rack with 0-75° hydraulic raise feature for easy access.
  • - 700mm hydraulic side platform complete with drop-down floor grating for fast deployment.
  • - Semi-automated front platform deployment with removable floor grating.
  • - Radio controlled 4 tonne support winch complete with 30m rope length.

* complete with automatic locking

Rig Safety

  • - 5 emergency stop buttons.
  • - Hydraulic system protection via relief valves.
  • - Semi-automated platform deployment complete with anti-slip floor grating enclosed with railings and toe-plates.
  • - Safety cage interlock cut-out switch on rotary head

Track System

  • - Expanding rubber track system: 1500-2100mm (Alternative rubber & steel track options available.)
  • - Track Width (Rubber): 250-320mm
  • - Track Length: 2000-2500mm
  • - Ground Clearance: 170-230mm
  • - Speed 1: 2.5 mph max. Speed 2: 1.25 mph max.

Rig Controls

  • - 2-dimensional Sauer Danfoss Plus+1® automated levelling system.
  • - Rig is tracked and deployed via radio remote to ensure safety of the operator. Drilling controls are ergonomically laid out on the deck.
  • - Swing-out control console complete with manually operated drill functions and illuminated digital blow counter.
  • - Manual lever backup rig control system on all radio remote functions.

Power Pack

  • - 27 kW Hatz silent pack diesel engine
  • - 50L diesel tank


  • Dual mast configuration complete with 400mm hydraulic side shift, drive sampling drop carriage, rotary carriage, telescopic winch system & foot clamp.

Drive Sampling:
Enclosed two-piece drop hammer complete with digital blow counter and measuring scale.

Trip Hammer Speed: 0-50 blows per minute
Trip Hammer Drop: 750mm/500mm
Trip Hammer Weight: 63.5kg/50kg 
Drop Carriage Stroke: 1300mm

Rotary Drilling:
Hydraulic driven head complete with 7:1 ratio gearbox with manual gear change.

High range
Torque: 598Nm continuous
Speed: 362rpm

Low range:
Torque: 4189Nm continuous
Speed: 51rpm

  • Feed force: 1000kgf
  • Pullback: 7000kgf


- Telescopic winch system capable of tripping out 4m drill rods, complete with 800kg pull tooling winch.

Foot Clamp

- 180mm single clamp system complete with laykey access.

Hydraulic System

  • - Load sensing variable piston pump and single gear pump direct driven controlled by electro-hydraulic valves. Complete with manual override.
  • - Electric fan oil cooler.
  • - 130L hydraulic tank.
  • - System Pressure: 210bar (approx.)
  • - 40l/min auxiliary quick connect circuit.


  • - Rig lighting
  • - Mist pump
  • - Various steel and rubber track options
  • - Spark arrestor and chalwyn valve