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With every drilling and construction operation there is a need to move equipment and materials across rough terrain in a safe and cost effective way.

The design of the Dando Mule ATV5-RC track carrier allows it to be operated from distance by remote control thus keeping the operator safe. The removal of the operator from within the vehicle makes for a much lighter machine as well as an increased pay load capacity- the machine is capable of carrying loads of up to 5000kg.




Features include:

• Track laying highly manoeuvrable vehicle

• Turns within own length

• Sized to fit within a standard shipping container

• Remote control (with manual and umbilical backup)

• Maximum payload 3 to 5 ton dependent upon specification

• Removable load beds in standard 3m and extended 3.6m lengths

• Specialist load bed configurations available (fuel bowser, pipe carrier, etc)

• Self-loading/unloading

• Multiple track options

• Twin speed tracking

• Remote start/ stop

Height: 1.8m
Width: 1.8m
Length: 4.81m (standard load deck)