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Manufacturing and exporting water well drilling rigs for over 140 years, Dando offers a wide range of hydraulic rotary and cable percussion rigs for drilling for water. Designed to be tough, durable and highly reliable, Dando's drilling rigs can be seen operating in some of the world’s most difficult conditions- where inferior rigs would simply not cope.

Dando have already supplied many water well drilling rigs to a wide range of customers around the world, including UN organisations, government bodies, NGOs, charities and private contractors. To read about projects in which Dando water well rigs have been involved please visit the news articles and case studies section of the website.


Buffalo 3000 Water Well Drilling Rig

Using the straightforward but incredibly effective cable percussion drilling technique, the Dando Buffalo 3000 is a cost effective drilling rig perfect for installing hand pumped water wells in areas of poor infrastructure and difficult terrain.

8" casing= 61m depth

6" casing= 81m depth

Without casing= 90m depth


Multitec 6000 Water Well Drilling Rig

A compact, lightweight multipurpose drilling rig with 6000kgf pullback. The machine is suitable for use in water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical investigation and GHP drilling projects. 

4" (25kg/m) drill rod=240m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 444m


Watertec 6 Water Well Drilling Rig

A small, high performance hydraulic top-drive water well drilling rig for conventional open hole drilling using mud, air or water flushing techniques, as well as for down-the-hole (DTH) hammer drilling, coring and augering. Mounting options for the rig include truck, track, trailer or mounted on the customer's own support vehicle/structure

4 1/2"(23kg/m) drill rod= 260m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 444m


Multitec 9000 Water Well Drilling Rig

With a pullback capacity of 10,000kgf this compact, powerful drilling rig is suitable for water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical investigation and GHP drilling. The rig is track mounted as standard but can also come mounted on truck, trailer or the customer's own support vehicle.

4" (25kg/m) drill rod=400m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 740m


Watertec 9000 Water Well Drilling Rig

A compact , high performance water well drilling rig with a pullback capacity of 10,000kgf. Available with a range of mounting options including track, truck and trailer.

4 1/2"(25kg/m) drill rod= 400m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 740m


Watertec 12.8 Water Well Drilling Rig 

With a pullback of 12,800kgf, this highly robust and reliable mid-range drilling rig is capable of drilling medium to deep water wells using the on board mud pump, or air drilling utilising a separate compressor. The rig comes with a range of mounting options including truck, trailer or the customer's own support vehicle.

4 1/2"(23kg/m) drill rod= 556m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 948m


Watertec 24 Water Well Drilling Rig

Developed for use in demanding environments, the incredibly successful Watertec 24 has a pullback capacity of 24,000kgf and is capable of a wide range of drilling techniques including flooded reverse.

4 1/2"(23kg/m) drill rod= 1043m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 1777m


Watertec 40 Water Well Drilling Rig

The hugely successful Watertec 40 has been designed for drilling large diameter water wells to great depths in some of the world's most challenging environments. With a lifting capacity of 40,000kgf, the rig is favoured by large aid agencies, government departments and private contractors for deep borehole drilling projects worldwide.

4 1/2"(23kg/m) drill rod= 1739m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 2962m


Sonic SDC375 Sonic Drilling Rig

Using the sonic drilling technique, the SDC375 is a compact, robust machine capable of fast and effective water well drilling in areas of limited space. Pullback for the Sonic SDC375 is 10,000kgf.































































* Depths stated are theoretical and are based on 100% capacity of the machine. Depths achieved will depend on variables including ground conditions and capability of the crew operating the rig.

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