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Corporate Responsibility

The directors of Dando Drilling International Limited (“the Company”) shall behave in relation to the Company in a manner that complies with the statutory duties for directors as set out in the Company’s Act 2006.

In particular they shall: act within their powers for proper purposes; promote the success of the company and thus increase shareholder value in the holding company, Energold; exercise independent judgement; exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence, avoid conflicts of interest; not accept benefits from third parties and declare interests (where such interests exist) in proposed transactions or arrangements.

Promoting Success

The management of Dando shall manage the Company in a manner most likely to promote the success of the Company for the benefit of members as a whole having regard to amongst other matters: the likely long term consequences of decisions; interests of employees; need to foster business relationships with suppliers, customers and others; impact of company operations on the community and the environment; desirability of maintaining a reputation for high standards of business conduct and the and the need to act fairly.

Code of Ethics

Legal Compliance: The Company shall aim to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and requires that all its employees conduct its business in accordance with the law.

Good Stewardship: All employees shall handle the property and information of the Company, its Customers and Suppliers with due care, in particular:

Company Information should be treated as confidential; included in this are technical or financial data, company policies, procedures, letters, plans, drawings and computer programs, product developments, price and cost data and personal data.

Customer or Supplier Information should be treated as confidential except when this information has been obtained through publicly accessible sources, or when the Customer or Supplier explicitly releases the information.

Company Records and Data should be prepared accurately and honestly.

Company Funds: Every employee who has control over Company funds is accountable for such funds and must ensure they are legitimate and justifiable.

Procurement Ethics: Business shall be awarded solely on the merits of the offered product or service; employees should not engage in any activity or allow any relationships to impair their judgement. (Please see separate policy on Anti Bribery and Corruption).

No Gifts, Gratuities or Favours of significant value shall be given/accepted by employees to/from Customers or Suppliers. (Please see separate policy on Anti Bribery and Corruption).

Consultative management: The process of Planning, Risk assessment, Progressing, Reviewing and Reporting is applicable at all levels. The departments shall operate in a consultative manner; meetings and discussions shall involve all employees whose knowledge contributes to and whose skills and commitment is crucial to the execution of the task. The Company shall operate at all levels in a consultative manner.

Communication: Operational performance and progress against strategic targets shall be communicated regularly throughout each department.

Quality: The Company shall provide products and services of a quality to fully satisfy the requirements of our Customers as well as achieving the Company’s business objectives. This is codified in the ISO 9001:2008 Policy and Procedures.

Environment: The Company continually seeks to reduce its environmental impact and this is reflected in all aspects of the business.  The Company has recently been given ISO 140001 accreditation.

Customer Code: Customer satisfaction is crucial: the extent to which the Company meets the needs and expectations of the Customers and the market they serve, shall be regularly reviewed.

Valuing Staff: Dando recognise that staff members are the greatest resource of the Company and demonstrate this by the promotion of on-going vocational training and professional education, by the implementation of good health and safety practises including the provision of facilities to promote healthy life-style choices and by the promotion of respect and concern for and by each and every individual.

Community Support: Dando is one of the oldest companies within the community in which it operates. The Company aim to engage with the local community through, where appropriate, charitable donations (to be authorised at Board Level), sponsorship and staff participation in local educational and welfare initiatives.

Reports to the Group Board: The following should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors without delay:-

Breach of the Code of Ethics: Any breach which could adversely effect the Company’s legal or ethical standing should be promptly reported.

Significant Customer Complaints and Product Liability Claims: Customer Complaints should be answered speedily, courteously and truthfully following the guidelines outlined in the ISO 9001:2008 Procedures Manual. Significant complaints or claims should, where possible, be expressed in writing by the Customer to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding. The initial recipient of the complaint, or an appointee, shall be responsible for keeping the complainant advised of the progress of the complaint subject always to advice and guidance from the Board of Directors.

Whistle Blowers: See the separate Whistle Blowing Policy and Procedure.


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