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Ethics and Values

Dando’s Stance on Bribery and Corruption

As part of its Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility Dando recognises both the need for absolute integrity in business life and the fact that bribery and corruption have an adverse effect on communities wherever they occur.

Dando does not and will not engage in any form of bribery or corruption. This policy applies to all employees and agents of Dando who will never offer or make any bribe, unauthorised payment (in cash or kind) or inducement of any kind, never solicit business by offering any bribe, unauthorised payment (in cash or kind) or inducement to customers or potential customers, never accept any kind of bribe or unusual payment or inducement that would not be authorised by the Board of Dando in the ordinary course of business and will refuse any bribe or unorthodox payment and to do so in a manner that is not open to misunderstanding or giving rise to false expectation and to report any such offers.

Our policy on bribery and corruption is supported by governance procedures covering monitoring of adherence and record keeping.  Any breach of policy by any employee will be considered as grounds for disciplinary action, which may include dismissal and any breach of policy by one of Dando’s agents will result in immediate termination of the agency agreement.

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