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Brilliant Feedback for the Dando Terrier

“The overall purchasing experience was a good one. I was kept informed on the progress of sale at all times…the rig has exceeded expectations and actually created new avenues for work in a market that was lacking anything of similar capabilities especially in regard to it’s tight dimensions. The smaller tooling means that..the rig can be operated by one person which in turn lowers my overheads with respect to needing an Offsider. The slighty more steady rate of sampling .. is actually preffered by environmental engineers as it allows them to dedicate more time to analysing and logging than running around trying to keep up. In addition to this engineers seem to appreciate the larger sample it allows for more test samples to be taken.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Dando Terrier if you want a machine that can get virtually anywhere, sample with amazing ease, can adapt to other tooling on tight spots and reliability. To date I have clocked up 1400hrs and have had no mechanical issues


Thank you Ian!

Click here to see the full specification for the Dando Terrier

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