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Dando Cable Percussion Rigs


Dando Drilling International is pleased to announce that with the new emissions standards which are due to come into effect in 2019, Dando will be bringing to market a new cable percussion rig, the “Dando Duke”.

The new “Dando Duke” will incorporate improved functionality, reliability and allow for the use of alternative engines that will meet (or exceed) these new emission standards. In light of the new emissions standard and the new ‘Duke’ rig, Dando has made the decision to cease production of its D1500, D2500 and D4000 cable percussion machines.

The new design will incorporate several major improvements that have been developed by Dando’s R&D team as well as from customer feedback both in the UK and overseas. We expect the “Dando Duke” rig to be launched in early 2018.

Dando is committed to continuing to support its customers with existing D1500, D2500 and D4000 cable perussion rigs in the field today. Dando has the utmost respect for the skilled users of these machines who have shown a passion and commitment rarely seen in other industries. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their loyalty and it is believed that this strategic decision to develop a new machine will ensure the continued commerciality of this drilling method for many years to come. Dando Drilling International continues to be a leader in the development of modern drilling rigs for the geotechnical industry.


  1. Gerry Devlin - 4 years ago - Reply to this comment

    Do you have a launch date for the Dando Duke yet?
    and are your other CP rigs now out of production?

    Kind rgards


  2. Lanquaye Odarteye - 4 years ago - Reply to this comment

    I am interested in the Cable Percussion Drilling Rig for Geotechnical purposes. I will therefore like to know the price of one of such rigs with all the accessories for Geotechnical purposes.

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