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Geotechnica 2018

Geotechnica 2018 Dando

Dando Drilling recently returned from UK drilling exhibition Geotechnica in Leamington Spa.

We would like to thank everyone who visited us and we found the show to be very successful. Our brand new Dando Duke cable percussion rig, presented to the public for the very first time, attracted a huge amount of interest and we were delighted to receive a lot of valuable visitor feedback on the rig.

Boasting a wide range of innovative features for increased efficiency and productivity, the Dando Duke is our new cutting-edge cable percussion rig. Its hydraulically operated telescopic mast allows for a very fast and easy setup while a variety of mast heights allow drilling to be carried out in areas of restricted head room. It can also be easily towed behind a regular pickup truck or van thanks to its small overall footprint and trailer mounted design. Other features include hydraulically powered stabilisers, a pneumatically operated brake and clutch system, a new 2 speed winch design and much more. Please visit Dando Duke Cable Percussion Rig for a full range of features and specification sheet.

Also being showcased was the new Dando Jackal. Occupying a small footprint, this powerful multipurpose rotary drilling rig allows the user to carry out a wide range of drilling techniques to medium depths in areas of difficult terrain and limited space. It is available in 4 tonne or 6 tonne pullback versions and comes with a range of engines up to  300hp, including fully compliant EU options. The customer can also choose from a selection of rotary heads based on their drilling needs – whether they will be carrying out multifunctional drilling applications or require a dedicated rig for wireline coring or water well drilling. For more information please visit   Dando Jackal 4000 Multipurpose Rig

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