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Hirado Rock Splitters


Dando Drilling is delighted to announce it is now the UK and European distributor for Hirado rock splitter products.

Founded in 1966, Hirado is a Japanese manufacturer of rock tools for the mining, stonework, crushed rock, and civil engineering industries. Its products are sold worldwide and the appointment of Dando Drilling as UK representative continues its ever-growing expansion overseas.

“When Hirado chooses a distributor overseas, we look into several key factors. Most important being expertise in the field, being able to provide robust service and dedicated sales managers who genuinely care about providing the best solution for the customer” says Dennis Drenth, Hirado International Sales

Dando Drilling sees Hirado’s rock splitters as a great addition to its existing range of products on offer to customers.

The Hirado K25W and C15W series of lightweight, mobile rock splitters are the perfect tool for breaking rock and concrete structures in areas with restricted access and noise and vibration regulations. They can be seen operating in places such as subways, hospitals as well as for internal demolition.

Used in combination with Hirado’s hydraulic pump, they are one of the most silent demolition tools on the market, at less than 65 Dba. In addition to being vibration and dust free, Hirado rock splitters also provide extreme power, with a splitting force of up to 6.5 Meganewton/663 Ton.

When much higher volumes of hard rock or concrete require breaking, Hirado’s N50W and R50W Powerful range of rock splitters are ideal.

First introduced in 1980 in Japan, these larger, more powerful hydraulic rock splitting units are a silent, environment friendly, safe and powerful alternative to rock blasting & rock breakers. Simple to operate, they can be attached to most excavators and are ideal for working in quarries, open pit construction sites and mining.

For more information on these products please visit the  Hirado Rock Splitters page

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You can also find out more about Hirado by visiting their website

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