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Dando Supplies Mintec 18 for Gold Exploration in Ghana



Dando welcomed one of its customers to their factory last week as they came to see their newly acquired Mintec 18 rig.

Flying in from France, they came to check out their new deep mineral exploration rig which will be heading out to Ghana for gold exploration. Featuring a powerful high speed, high torque rotary head (1,000 rpm, 10,000 Nm) the rig will be carrying out various drilling methods to great depths including wireline coring, RC and even water well drilling.

Dando’s Mintec 18 was seen as the ideal machine for the customer’s drilling operations due to the ability to conduct multiple drilling methods from a single unit along with Dando’s worldwide reputation for manufacturing robust rigs designed for working in tough working environments where factors such as dust, sand and rough terrain are encountered.

For more information on the Mintec 18 please visit Mintec 18 Mineral Exploration Rig

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