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New Dando Branding


Over the past 150 years Dando has grown a great deal and to reflect the ongoing evolution of the company we are proud to introduce a new brand image.


New Dando Livery

Dando is saying goodbye to the traditional ‘Dando orange’ which has been made iconic over the years, with its rigs being recognised all over the world from our cable percussion rigs in the UK to our large water well rigs in Africa.


New Dando Livery

Dando’s orange rigs and four-leafed quatrefoil logo have become synonymous with our brand as much as they have with the power and longevity of our equipment. Our latest generation of cable percussion and rotary rigs build on this reputation but are particularly impressive for their innovative design. We believe our brand imagery should emphasise this.


New Dando Livery

To mark a new era at Dando, our rigs will from now on be presented in colours that represent our cutting-edge design and innovation as well as Dando’s traditional attributes of strength and durability. The new sleek silver and black design we believe will become as iconic and symbolic of Dando in the future as, rig by rig, we revolutionise the drilling industry.Dando Jackal Drilling Rig


In addition to this, Dando is pleased to introduce a new logo. While retaining its core element, the famous Dando quatrefoil, the clean, modern lines of the new logo are designed to give a more accurate reflection of where Dando is today.

Together, the new colour scheme and logo represent a dynamic future in which Dando continues to bring new innovations to the drilling industry.

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