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NEW Multitec 4000 MK3 Now Available

New Multitec 4000 MK3

The Multitec 4000 MK3 is the latest development in Dando’s range of powerful yet compact multipurpose drilling rigs.

Occupying a small footprint, the multipurpose rig is able to carry out a wide range of drilling techniques in areas of difficult access. The Mk3 has more power, a highly efficient Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic system and revised layout of deck components. It also has an improved, lower and more central centre of mass for the ultimate stability in uneven and sloping terrain. Features include:

4 speed rotary head mounted to a hydraulic side shift with optional floating spindle. Hydraulic head tilt available. Various head options.

Double breakout clamps. Optional mast foot casing jack provides up to 8000 kg retraction force for extracting casing or drill tooling.

Ergonomically designed swing out control console. Easy to position and allows optimal view of borehole. Stows easily for when tracking.

Safety features include 3 emergency stop buttons, hydraulic system protection via relief valves and low level oil sensor, and an optional safety gate with automatic head speed reduction when open.

Four hydraulic levelling jacks to level and stabilise the rig. Rear jacks fold into the chassis to maximise clearance when tracking.

Manually deployed mast extension allows the tripping out of 6m of rods at a time on the winch.

Optional automatic trip hammer for carrying out SPT tests and using soil sampling equipment.

A range of triplex coring pumps, progressive cavity or centrifugal mud pumps available.

Stay bar system to provide additional mast support when drilling inclined boreholes at 45-65 degree angles.

Easy to service with good access points to all main components.

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