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Spare Parts

Dando supplies a wide range of high quality manufacturer approved spare parts for its rotary, cable percussion and Terrier drilling rigs.

Servicing and Repairs

To ensure your Dando rig is providing continuous optimum performance, Dando offers servicing and repairs for all its rotary, cable percussion and Terrier drilling rigs.

Crawler Drill DCR22

Furukawa DCR22 Crawler Drill

The Furukawa DCR22 is a premium down-the-hole (DTH) hydraulic crawler drill specially designed for surface drilling at UK mines and quarries.

spt calibration

SPT Calibration

Dando Drilling offers a Standard Penetration Test (SPT) calibration facility at its factory premises near Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Jackal Multipurpose Drilling Rig

Jackal 4000 Multipurpose Drilling Rig

Occupying a small footprint, this compact yet powerful multipurpose drilling rig allows the user to carry out a wide range of drilling techniques to medium depths in areas of difficult terrain and limited space.

Dando Duke

Dando Duke Cable Percussion Drilling Rig

Available in both trailer and track mounted versions, the new cutting edge Dando Duke cable percussion rig boasts a range of innovative features for increased efficiency and productivity.

Drilling Additives

Drilling Additives

Dando supplies a wide range of drilling foams, hydratable clays and polymers. To find the most suitable additive for your drilling operation please click on the link below to our drilling additives guide.

Dando Terrier Rotary Rig

Perfect for rotary drilling in confined spaces of difficult access, this small, incredibly versatile drilling rig can be used for continuous flight & hollow stem augering, coring as well as drilling with tricones, drag bits and DTH hammers.

Multitec 4000 Multipurpose Drill

Dando Duplex Drive (3D) System

Dando’s latest Multitec 4000 multipurpose drilling rig is now available with the new Dando 3D geotechnical sampling and testing system.

Angle Drilling Dando Terrier

The compact and versatile Dando Terrier is now available fitted with a mast dump for angle drilling up to 45 degrees from vertical.

Multipurpose Drilling Rig

Jackal 9000 Multipurpose Drilling Rig

A truly multipurpose drilling rig incorporating a pullback capacity of 10,000kg within a lightweight and compact structure. Perfect for water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical and GSHP drilling.

Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig

Mintec 12.8 Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig

With a pullback capacity of 12,800 kgf, the Mintec 12.8 is an extremely powerful mid-range mineral exploration drilling rig for wireline coring, reverse circulation and rotary air blast drilling in harsh environments.

Mintec 18 Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig

A large, powerful heavy-duty mineral exploration rig, the Mintec 18 is capable of wireline coring, reverse circulation and rotary air blast drilling in all geological formations to extreme depths. The rig boasts 18,000 kgf of pullback.

Watertec 9000

Watertec 9000 Water Well Drilling Rig

With 9 tonnes pullback capacity, the compact, robust Watertec 9000 water well rig is designed for mud rotary, DTH hammer and flooded reverse circulation drilling techniques

MK 1000 Rotary Head

Similar to the MK 500, this rotary head model is fitted with a twin worm and single wheel gear totally enclosed in an oil bath case.

MK 500 Rotary Head

The Dando MK 500 incorporates a 150mm I.D. hollow spindle mounted on taper roller bearing and is fitted with a worm and wheel gear totally enclosed in an oil bath case.

Drill Rods

Drill Rods

Dando manufacture a wide range of high grade steel drill rods at their UK based factory.

Drag Bit

Drag Bits

Dando design and supply drag bits – stepped, chevron and custom PCD types – as well as tricone bits.


Dando can supply casing to all of the major standards.

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