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BSR16 Pump Hoist

The Dando BSR16 is one of a family of powerful borehole servicing rigs.

The Dando BSR16 pump hoist can be mounted onto any suitable carrying vehicle and has been designed to be simple to operate and maintain, extremely reliable and competitively priced.

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Carrier Vehicle* 6x6 heavy duty truck.
Power Unit* 80HP diesel engine
Mast Capacity 16,000kg hook load
Mast Dimensions* Working Mast Height: 9.14m
Service Winch Hoist (single line, bare drum): 4,000kg
Speed (single line, bare drum): 34m/min
Drum capacity: 83m @ 15mm
Control Hydraulic Power circuit based on load sensing, proportional valves.
Drilling controls available from driller’s control console.
Levelling Jacks Two front and two rear
Rig Lighting Fitted as standard
*other options available
  • Designed to be robust and reliable for working in tough environments
  • Selection of mast lengths and layback distances available
  • Choice of air compressors for air lift well development
  • Selection of mud pumps for jetting
  • Choice of generators and welder generators
  • Comes with tooling/casing winch
Mechanical Bailing Winch Selection of bailing winches available
Jetting Pump Type 4" x 5" duplex piston pump
Flow Rate (max): 357lpm
Discharge Pressure (max): 250psi
Airlifting Compressor Selection of compressors available
Welder/Generators Selection of welder/generators available
Generators Selection of generators available
Mast Layback 1.00m-1.50m laybacks available

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