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Dando Duplex Drive (3D) System

Multitec 4000 Multipurpose Drill

Dando’s latest Multitec 4000 multipurpose drilling rig is now available with the new Dando 3D geotechnical sampling and testing system.

The specially designed automatic trip hammer is used to take soft ground undisturbed samples with the Dando Duplex Drive (3D) system which advances the casing at the same time as taking a sample.

Fitted with the standard 63.5kg drop weight, the hammer is also capable of SPT (Standard Penetration Testing.) The unique design of the assembly means no additional load is applied to the SPT tooling thus ensuring the best results possible. The diagram below demonstrates how the system works.


The 3D system is available as an option with various Dando rigs. For more information please contact us.

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