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Hirado Powerful Rock Splitters

A larger, more powerful version of rock splitter designed for breaking high volumes of hard rock and concrete in an efficient, safe, vibration free, dust free and virtually silent manner.

First introduced in 1980 in Japan, these large, hydraulic rock splitting units are commonly used in quarries, open pit construction sites and mining. With restrictions for blasting getting stricter worldwide, they provide an environmentally friendly, safe and extremely powerful alternative to rock blasting & rock breakers.

Simple to operate, they can be attached to most excavators as well as cranes and other carriers with hydraulics. Depending on the model, the rock splitter uses 25 or 35MPa of hydraulic pressure. This is achieved by connecting the hoses to the excavator connections.


Powerful Rock Splitter Features:

  • Can be used both vertically and horizontally.
  • Requires less working pressure than other makes of rock splitter.
  • Generates high splitting powers of up to 3600T using the ‘Wedge Principle’.
  • Pull back pressure is higher than the pushing pressure, unlike other rock splitters on the market. In case the rock doesn’t break, the wedge will not get stuck due to the higher pulling pressure.
  • Pressure from the excavator does not need to be calibrated thanks to Hirado’s unique and innovative valve system. This prevents wear and damage from overpressure and allows for a simple plug-and-go action to save valuable time.
  • Equipped with pressure gauges for easy maintenance.
  • Wedges of the rock splitter are specially designed for high endurance and longevity.
  • Wedges and counter wedges are easy to replace.
  • Customised wedges can be produced to suit the needs of the user.
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Models Wedges Full Length (mm) Weight (mm) Bit Diameter (mm) Drilling Depth (mm) Breaking Power (mm/ton) Required Hydraulic Pressure (Mpa)
Dia (mm) Effective Length (mm) Splitting Distance (mm)
N50W95A700 95 700 25 3205 700 102 1,300 26/2651 25
N50W95A1100 95 1,100 25 3605 720 102 1,700 26/2651 25
R50Wl20A900 120 900 25 3610 1300 127 1,500 36/3670 35
R50Wl35A1000 135 1,000 25 3675 1400 140 1,600 36/3670 35

Hirado N50 & R50 Rock Splitter Series

Hirado N50 & R50 Rock Splitter Series

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