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Dando Terrier MK2 Site Investigation Rig

The compact, versatile Dando Terrier MK2 rig is packed with a range of features for increased efficiency, flexibility and productivity when drilling.

Designed specifically for site investigation and environmental analysis, the rig’s ultra-small footprint and crawler mounted design the user to carry out various sampling methods in confined spaces where access is limited.

Features include:

  • Disturbed and undisturbed sampling, SPT and dynamic probing.
  • 300mm hydraulic mast dump
  • Automatic stop on the trip hammer
  • Swing out trip hammer at any height
  • Can trip out multiple rods
  • Stainless steel guide rod
  • New split weight design – 63.5kg reduced to 50kg with the removal of 8 bolts. No additional brakets
  • Single piece drive adapter
  • Swing out pullback ring allows open access to the borehole
  • Revised control console
  • Lightweight folding stabiliser legs with ball jointed adjustable jack feet. Hydraulic option available
  • Automatic transit lock. No additional pins needed for road transportation
  • Also available in a rotary version

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Chassis Purpose built crawler chassis with rubber tracks
Steel deck fitted with tilt mechanism, allowing rig to operate vertically on slopes inclined up to 30 degrees from horizontal
Incorporates controls, engine mounting and tool storage
Engine 16HP water cooled diesel engine provides power to the hydraulic system for drilling, rigging and tracking
Mast Assembly Steel mast hydraulically raised and lowered, incorporating 300mm hydraulic mast dump
1.3m stroke
Swing out pullback ring
Swing out drive hammer assembly
Automatically deployed rod guide
Automatic transit lock
1m measurement scale for easy monitoring of depth progress
Mast Capacity Pulldown: 1000kgf
Pullback: 7000kgf
Drive Hammer Split-weight drive hammer that runs on a single guide bar
Swings out at any height on a stainless steel guide rod
Fully guarded weight
63.5kg reduced to 50kg with the removal of 8 bolts for SPT & dynamic probing
Single piece drive adapter
Hydraulic automatic stop for when hammer reaches end of working stroke
Hammer Speed: 0-50 blows pm
Hammer Drop: 500-750mm
Hammer Weight: 50kg or 63.5kg
Hydraulic PTO Flow for PTO: 20 lpm
Max. Working Pressure: 152 bar
Control Panel Drilling/rigging controls mounted at side of the rig
Includes emergency stop and system pressure gauge
Illuminated digital SPT blow counter available as an option
Tracking controls at the reat of the rig with a folding foot plate
Radio remote control tracking available as an option
Stabilisers Folding stabiliser legs
Hydraulic stabilisers available as an option
Quick Connect Circuit Fitted as standard to the hydraulic system
Circuit is protected by a separate pressure relief valve and has a variable flow control valve fitted to the control panel for fine control
Powers the trip hammer as well as other optional equipment
Drilling Depth 30m (depending on geology and sampling technique)
Weight 1100kg (depending on specification)
  • SPT blow counter
  • Hydraulic foot clamp
  • Lighting
  • Remote mast kit
  • Fixed wide track carrier
  • Hydraulic power take off
  • Radio remote control
  • SPT calibration
  • Rotary mast
  • Various engine options
  • Hydraulic stabiliser legs
  • Concrete coring head
  • Vice options
  • Ball clamp
  • Lift off storage brackets

UK - In-Situ testing

Lincoln University’s Terrier MK2 carrying out shallow borehole drilling. The rig is performing in-situ testing with the Dando Duplex Drive System as well as SPT, and will be used as part of a research project into historical flood plains.

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UK - Site Investigation

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