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Watertec 12.8 Water Well Drilling Rig

The Watertec 12.8 drilling rig has been providing water to communities around the globe in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

Recognised for its strength and reliability the Watertec 12.8 drilling rig has a pullback capacity of 12,800kgf on a strong, low-maintenance steel box section mast structure.

Capable of mud-rotary, DTH hammer and flooded reverse circulation, and with the option of an on board compressor which removes the requirement for additional ancillary equipment and support vehicles, this is a fully fledged medium depth water well drilling rig. The standard mast allows the loading and tripping of 6m drill rods.

Features include:

  • Pullback capacity of 12,800kgf
  • Capable of mud rotary, air and flooded reverse drilling
  • Mounting options include 6×6 or 8×8 truck, or customer own support vehicle/structure
  • High torque rotary head with hydraulic side shift and head tilt
  • High pressure air/water swivel
  • Main winch for tools and casing
  • Auxiliary winch for tool handling
  • Selection of on-board air compressors
  • Selection of on-board mud pumps
  • Can be supplied with complete tooling package

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Carrier Options Heavy duty commercial 4 x 4 or 6x6 truck - Mounted on customer own support vehicle/structure
Deck Engine Standard fitting: 570 HP diesel engine (optional 250 HP for mud drilling applications only)
Other options available
Mast Dimensions Working mast height using main winch: 9140mm
Working mast using the rotary head: 7600mm
Rig Capacity Pullback: 12800kg
Pull-down: 7500kg
Hook load (max): 12800kg
Rotary Head Performance Rotation (max) 140rpm
Torque (max) 8850Nm
Other options available
Rotary head tilt and side shift
Drill Table Box type drill table with removable drill rod and casing guides
Break Out System Break out system is a double acting hydraulic cylinder with adjustable wrench
Other options available
Standard Compressor Doosan XHP 900 (900CFM/350psi)
Other options available
Main Winch (other options available) Maximum single line pull: 7800kg
Tool Handling Winch Maximum single line pull: 2040kg
Maximum speed 31.5m/minute
Drum capacity: 57m of 10mm wire rope
Mud Pump Standard: Hydraulically driven 5-1/2" x 8" duplex mud pump
Foam Pump Hydraulically driven duplex pump
Maximum flow rate: 34 litres/minute
Maximum discharge pressure: 550psi
Inline Oil Lubricator Fitted as standard and used when operating a DTH hammer
Hydraulic System Hydraulic power circuit based on load sensing hydraulic pumps and proportional control valves
Drillers Control Panel Uncomplicated and user friendly with ergonomic layout.
Levelling Jacks Two front and two rear jacks with individual locking valves
Lighting and Electrical System Rig is provided with mast and control panel lighting and the electrical system is 24 volt
3-1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod 758m (2487ft)
4-1/2" (23kg/m) drill rod 445m (1460ft)

* Depths stated are theoretical and based on 80% capacity of the machine. Depths achieved will depend on variables including ground conditions and capability of crew operating the machine.

  • RC Drilling Conversion Kit – For reverse circulation drilling applications
  • Drill Rod Rack – Mounted on carrier
  • Pipe Handling Boom Crane – For loading and unloading drill pipe and light site work
  • Automatic Pipe Handler – For increased safety of crew when loading drill pipes. Other options available on request.

Watertec 12.8 Drilling Package Supplied to a Venezuelan Government Body for Drilling in Algeria

Water Well Drilling in Myanmar

Watertec 12.8 for Water Well Drilling in Kazakhstan

Water Well Drilling in Burkina Faso

Five Watertec 12.8s supplied to the British Army

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