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Jackal 4000 and Terrier at Work on Major Railway Project in Tanzania

Multipurpose Drilling Rig Tanzania

The Dando Jackal 4000 and Dual Mast Terrier are currently involved in one of Tanzania’s major civil engineering projects, the Standard Gauge Railway.

At an estimated total cost of $7.6 billion and spanning over 2,190 kilometres, the railway will connect Tanzania with landlocked neighbours Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Carrying out geotechnical investigation along the proposed viaduct structure, the two rigs are involved in a drilling programme of 2000m over 50 boreholes along the viaduct. Coming up to the halfway point of the project, the Dual Mast Terrier has been conventional coring to depths of 35m with SPT tests at 1.5m intervals, while the Jackal 4000 (previously the Multitec 4000 MK3) has been drilling 40m boreholes with Geobor S with SPT at every 1.5m.

Dando rigs were chosen by the customer for their powerful performance and versatility, allowing the user to carry out various drilling and sampling techniques from a single unit. The crawler mounted design and small footprint of the Multitec 4000 and Dual Mast Terrier also allows the customer to drill in areas of rough, uneven terrain where access can be restrictive.

The customer is a multidisciplinary firm that provides consultancy services for multiple sectors including energy & building, highway & transportation engineering, bridge & structural engineering, water supply & sanitation, environment & social impact assessment, oil & gas and geotechnical & materials testing.

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