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Landslide Investigation with the Dando Terrier, USA

Purchased in 2013, US customer K & A Engineering’s Dando Terrier rig has been involved in many site investigation projects and has recently reached 700 hours of operation.

“It has been amazingly dependable” states K & A Engineering owner, Michael. “We use the rig for a wide variety of probing and sampling projects. Our probing consists of a specially designed steel cone connected to an AW drill rod and we count the blows and measure the side friction on the cone mantle. Sampling is then carried out using a dual-tube sampling system.”

One of the company’s latest projects involved landslide investigation where the stabilisation solution was a reticulated micropile system anchoring the footing of a concrete cantilever retaining wall.

K & A have also used the rig on many other projects where it has had to operate in areas of difficult access and restricted space. For more information on the Terrier please visit Dando Terrier Site Investigation Rig.

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