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US Terrier Customer Feedback and Photos


Dando is delighted to have received new photos and customer feedback from US geotechnical contractor K & A Engineering about their Dando Terrier rig, purchased back in 2012.

“Our latest project involves foundation investigation for two of the many large lumber and plywood mills in west central Oregon.  The Dando Terrier is very much appreciated by owners and structural engineers as we can fit in tight places and allow operations to continue.  In one of the photos you see the many piles of lumber in the background… there were large (and very fast) forklifts operating everywhere.  The rig could operate on the edges of the high traffic areas and operate safely without the inconvenience that larger rigs would cause.

Using our approach of measuring torque (measuring soil friction on the sides of the cone) at intervals in dynamic probing, we accurately identified a very thick zone of organics beneath the ground surface.  I have included one of the logs from this project.   Using our method, we can also accurately calculate an equivalent “N” (SPT) value.”

For more information on the Dando Terrier please visit the Dando Terrier Site Investigation Rig page.

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