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Water Well Drilling in Indonesia


Dando drilling engineers recently visited customer NTB Drilling on the picturesque island of Lombok in Indonesia.

NTB is using their Dando Watertec 4000 (Now the Jackal 4000) to drill up to 140m water wells at diameters of 6″ or 7-7/8″. With a well organised operation, the compact, crawler mounted rig is using conventional mud drilling in the hard volcanic geologies common to the area.

On the drill site, a three tank system ensures the drilling mud remains clean and the DandoPol liquid polymer, selected for ease of mixing in rural locations, is performing well.

This version of the Watertec 4000 rig features a 2.6m stroke for loading 2m rods and a manually deployable mast extension that allows the pulling of two rods at a time, or the installation of 4m lengths of casing. A 4-speed rotary head provides 6000 Nm of torque, while a 450 lpm progressive cavity pump allows the rig’s footprint to remain small while providing sufficient uphole velocity for the smaller diameter wells it is drilling.

This model has now been replaced by the Jackal range which are the evolution of the rig presented in the video above.

The Dando Jackal 4000 and 9000 have many new features and are available in multipurpose, mineral exploration, geotechnical or water well drilling versions. Click the following link to find out more Jackal Drilling Rig Range

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