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Water well drilling in Somalia- YME


Dando Drilling has recently supplied one of its drilling rigs to humanitarian organisation Yme. The Norwegian group run by Geir Ommundsen specialises in work in water, sanitation and vocational training and has for many years been building water wells in Somalia. Now Yme have purchased their first drilling rig for use in the country’s local communities- the rugged and reliable Watertec 10.

The Watertec 10, a large truck mounted water well drilling rig fully equipped with high specification mud pump and compressor, is designed to drill to depths of 300 metres – essential for drilling beyond Somalia’s highest aquifer where a high saline content causes water to be contaminated. The rig is also supplied with consumables, spares and training making it ready to drill although, due to security considerations, it is currently in Dubai waiting for on-shipment.

Dando has a wealth of previous experience in working with non- governmental organisations from the very smallest such as Alive and Well ( to large, international charities like World Vision ( ) and Oxfam ( .)

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