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150 years experience in the design, manufacture and sales of water well, mineral exploration,  geotechnical and GHP drilling rigs and equipment.

Dando’s team of designers and engineers pride themselves on the provision of both standard and bespoke solutions for the drilling needs of any and every project. Strong is a word which sums up the Dando experience; the strength and reliability of the machines, the trading strength of the company and, most importantly, the strength of Dando’s commitment to put their customers first.


Water Well Drilling Rigs

Rotary & cable percussion rigs specially designed for water drilling projects. Dando's Watertec range of top-drive hydraulic water well drilling rigs are built to last for decades, working in the most extreme climates.


Mineral Exploration and Prospecting Rigs 

Dando offer a wide range of small and large rigs designed for mineral prospecting and exploration. Dando's Mintec rigs are capable of a variety of drilling methods including conventional, RC, RAB and wireline coring.


Geotechnical Drilling Rigs

Dando provide a range of powerful yet versatile geotechnical drilling rigs for in-situ testing, sample recovery and the installation of specialist monitoring equipment.


Multipurpose Drilling Rigs

Dando have developed high performance, compact drilling rigs designed for use in multiple types of drilling projects: water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical and geothermal heat pump drilling(GHP).


GHP Drilling Rigs

Dando have developed drilling rigs that can undertake all types of geothermal heat pump installation and open source well drilling.


Sonic Drilling Rigs

The SDC375 is designed to be robust and reliable and boasts a small footprint allowing it to operate in areas of limited space. The rig is capable of continuously sampling to 300 feet with a 4 x 6 core/case system.


Pump Hoists

Dando pump hoists come with a range of features to enable the development, servicing and remediation of water wells and boreholes.


Track Carriers

The all terrain remote controlled, self loading and unloading Dando Mule track carrier is the latest piece of innovation by Dando Drilling. Specially designed for transporting drilling equipment and tooling easily to site through the roughest terrain.