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Dando offer a range of geotechnical rigs with the ability to perform a wide variety of rotary and percussion drilling techniques, and that meet the reliability, productivity and flexibility needs of today's geotechnical driller.


Dando Terrier 

A small crawler mounted site investigation rig ideal for soil sampling and testing for geotechnical and environmental analysis. Having the option of both rotary and percussive drilling techniques, the Terrier is effective, versatile and affordable.

Percussion = 30m+  

Rotary = 50m+


Dando Terrier MK2 

Redesigned to incorporate a wide range of improvements based on customer feedback, the new compact, versatile Dando Terrier MK2 has been designed specifically for sampling and testing for site investigation and environmental analysis. Crawler mounted for easy access to areas of restricted space, the Terrier MK2 is extremely reliable, competitively priced and simple to operate and maintain.


Multitec 4000 MK3

The Multitec 4000 is the latest addition to Dando’s line of high performance multipurpose top-drive rotary rigs and is the smallest in the range so far. With a pullback of 4000kgf, the rig is designed to be ultra-compact, lightweight, easily transportable, and capable of a wide range of drilling techniques for the water, mineral, geotechnical and geothermal sectors.



Multitec 9000 

With a pullback capacity of 10,000kgf this compact, powerful drilling rig is suitable for water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical investigation and GHP drilling. The rig is track mounted as standard but can also come mounted on truck, trailer or the customer's own support vehicle.

4"RC(25kg/m) drill rod= 400m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 740m



Ibex Slope Drilling Rig

The new track mounted Dando Ibex allows dynamic sampling, SPT and rotary drilling to be conducted safely and securely on slopes of up to 55 degrees.

Featuring a hydraulically deployed working platform, computer controlled auto-levelling and expanding tracks, the dual mast rig is able to operate on previously inaccessible slopes and is ideal for work on areas such as railway embankments.



Sonic SDC375

A light, compact track mounted drilling rig using the sonic method of drilling. The machine can rapidly collect samples of up to 8 inches and it can fit inside a 20 foot high cube shipping container. Pullback for the machine is 10,000kgf. 



Geotec 9000

A 10,000kgf capacity geotechnical rig capable of a full range of sampling and testing techniques, including SPT utilising the attached SPT swing in hammer. The machine is available with high speed and high torque rotary head options for auger drilling and/or coring.

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod = 740m

NWY (8.0kg/m) drill rod = 1250m


Dando 1500 

A compact, flexible cable percussion shell and auger rig capable of drilling shallow holes in areas of difficult access. Equipped with a Hatz silent engine and has a single line pull capacity of 1500kg.

4 inch= 46m

6 inch= 26m

8 inch= 20m


Dando 1500 Track Mounted

A compact, flexible cable percussion drilling rig mounted on a purpose built crawler chassis with rubber tracks. With a pullback of 1500kg this unique type of rig comes equipped with a silent engine pack, height-adjustable mast and can be easily used indoors where headroom is limited.

4 inch= 46m

6 inch= 26m

8 inch= 20m

dando 2500 drilling rig

Dando 2500

A geotechnical shell and auger rig with a host of new safety features, including a silent engine pack for improved noise reduction. The D2500 has a single line pull capacity of 2500kg.


6 inch (150mm) = 60m

8 inch (203mm) = 40m 



Dando 4000 

Featuring the economical and operationally safe Hatz soundproof engine, the Dando 4000 is the most powerful rig in the Dando cable percussion range with a single line pull capacity of 4000kg.

6 inch (150mm) = 90m
8 inch (203mm) = 60m 



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