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Dando manufacture and supply hydraulic top-drive mineral exploration drilling rigs from 4000kgf to 18000kgf pullback capacity. Dando's Mintec and Multitec drilling rigs are capable of performing several types of drilling, including reverse circulation (RC), rotary air blast (RAB), wireline core and conventional drilling. The machines come with a range of mounting options including track, truck, skid or mounted on the customer's own suppport vehicle/structure.

Dando also offer a range of small, compact mineral prospecting rigs for investigating land for prospective mineral deposits.


Dando Terrier 

Small, compact and mounted on a crawler unit, the incredibly versatile Dando Terrier is ideal for performing a wide range of percussion and rotary drilling techniques in areas of difficult access. Its small size also makes it easily transportable by van and trailer.



Angle Drilling Terrier 

Fitted with a hydraulic mast dump, this version of the Dando Terrier can drill up to 50m at angles of up to 45 degrees from vertical. It can also be supplied with a track mounted compressor unit, providing 400cfm at 170psi.


Multitec 4000 MK3 Multipurpose Rig

The Multitec 4000 is the latest addition to Dando’s line of high performance multipurpose top-drive rotary rigs and is the smallest in the range so far. With a pullback of 4000kgf, the rig is designed to be ultra-compact, lightweight, easily transportable, and capable of a wide range of drilling techniques for the water, mineral, geotechnical and geothermal sectors.



Multitec 9000 Multipurpose Drilling Rig

With a pullback capacity of 10,000kgf the Multitec 9000 is suitable for mineral exploration, water well, geotechnical investigation and GHP drilling. Track mounted as standard, the rig can also come mounted on truck, trailer or the customer's own support vehicle.

4"RC(25kg/m) drill rod= 400m

3 1/2" (13.5kg/m) drill rod= 740m

H(11.6kg/m) drill rod= 862m

N(8kg/m) drill rod= 1250m


Mintec 12.8 Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig 

A strong, powerful multipurpose exploration rig with 12,800kgf pullback capacity. Available with various mounting options, the rig is also available in a heavy duty version or compact version.

4"RC(25kg/m) drill rod= 512m

P(17.33kg/m) drill rod= 738m

H(11.6kg/m) drill rod= 1103m

N(8kg/m) drill rod= 1600m

mineral drilling rig

Mintec 18 Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig

Capable of wireline coring, reverse circulation and rotary air blast drilling, the Mintec 18 is Dando largest and most powerful mineral exploration rig, with a pullback of 18,000kgf.

4"RC(25kg/m) drill rod= 720m

P(17.33kg/m) drill rod= 1038m

H(11.6kg/m) drill rod= 1551m

N(8kg/m) drill rod= 2250m


Coretec 9000 Coring Rig

Designed specifically for deep wireline coring, the Coretec 9000 has the ability to collect high quality core samples while operating on a small footprint.

B(6kg/m) drill rod= 1666m

P(17.33kg/m) drill rod= 577m

H(11.6kg/m) drill rod= 862m

N(8kg/m) drill rod= 1250m


Sonic SDC375 Sonic Drilling Rig

Using the sonic drilling technique, the SDC375 is a compact, robust drilling rig capable of rapidly collecting samples of up to 8 inches in diametre. Pullback for the Sonic SDC375 is 10,000kgf.







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