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The multipurpose Dando Mintec 12.8 is an extremely powerful mid-range mineral exploration drilling rig with a pullback capacity of 12800kgf and can be used for wireline drilling, RC drilling (Reverse Circulation) and RAB drilling (Rotary Air Blast.) The drill is suitable for all types of mineral exploration and is currently proving very successful for coal exploration in Indonesia. Also available in a compact version with smaller tracks and no compressor OR a heavy duty version with an increased pullback of 16000kgf.



Carrier Options

Crawler mounted is standard but can also be supplied on: Heavy duty commercial 6 x 6 truck - Trailer mounted - Mounted on customer own support vehicle/structure/skid.

Deck Engine

Caterpillar C15  540 HP diesel engine standard, other options available.

Mast Dimensions

Working mast height using main winch: 9140mm

Working mast using the rotary head: 7600mm

Mast dump to 45 degrees

Head Traverse

Hoist = 24.4m/m (80ft/min)

Rapid Hoist = 45.7m/min (150ft/min)

Feed = 17.4m/min (57ft/min)

Rapid Feed = 30.5m/min (100ft/min)

Rig Capacity

Pullback: 12800kgf

Pulldown: 7500kgf

Hook load (max): 12800kgf

Rotary Head Performance

Option 1

Rotation (max) 750rpm

Torque (max) 12050Nm

Option 2

Rotation (max) 1250rpm

Torque (max) 13000Nm

Rotary head tilt and side shift

Drill Table and Break Out System

As standard - Hydraulic foot clamp with jaws to suit BQ up to PQ wireline drill rods. Break out system is a double acting hydraulic cylinder with adjustable wrench

Other options available

Standard Compressor

Ingersoll Rand XHP 900 (900CFM/350psi)

Other options available

Main Winch fitted to top of mast

Maximum single line pull: 18000kgs

Maximum speed: 68m/minute

Drum capacity: 45m of 22mm wire rope

Wireline Winch

Maximum single line pull: 1000kgf

Maximum speed: 185m/minute

Drum capacity: 1600m of 6mm wire rope

Coring pump

Standard: Hydraulically driven triplex pump

Maximum flow rate:  200 litres/minute

Maximum discharge pressure: 1000psi

Inline Oil Lubricator

Fitted as standard and used when operating a DTH hammer

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic power circuit based on load sensing hydraulic pumps and proportional control valves

Drillers Control Panel

Uncomplicated and user friendly with ergonomic layout (swing out arm mounting optional)

Rod Spin Safety Guard

Various options available

Levelling Jacks

Two front and two rear jacks with individual locking valves

Lighting and Electrical System

Rig is provided with mast and control panel lighting and the electrical system is 24 volt

Drilling Capacities*

N (8.0kgs/m) drill rod = 1600m

H (11.6kgs/m) drill rod = 1103m

P (17.33kgs/m) drill rod = 738m

4" RC (25kgs/m) drill rod= 512m

Optional Equipment

RC Drilling Conversion Kit - For reverse circulation drilling applications

Main Winch Fitted to Top of Mast- Maximum single line pull=7800kgf; Maximum speed= 80m/minute; Drum capacity= 30m of 22mm wire rope

Rod Handling Boom Crane - For loading and unloading drill pipe and light site work

Rod Spinner - Chuck type floating rod spinner with adjustable torque control and side swing in mounting.

Automatic Rod Handler- for increased safety when loading drill rods

Double Acting Hydraulic Make Up and Break Out Clamp - With minimum clamping diameter of 60mm and a maximum of 250mm

Drill Rod Rack - Mounted on carrier

Other options available on request

* Depths stated are theoretical and are based on 100% capacity of the machine. Depths achieved will depend on variables including ground conditions and capability of the crew operating the rig.


Mintec 12.8- Gold Exploration in Saudi Arabia

Mintec 12.8- Coal Exploration in Sumatra, Indonesia

Mintec 12.8- Gold Exploration in Ghana

Mintec 12.8- Coal Exploration in Indonesia

Mintec 12.8- Dando Factory, UK


Mintec 12.8 Coring in Indonesia

Dando Mintec 12.8 Drilling Rig Features




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