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Mineral Exploration Drilling Rigs

Tough, robust mineral exploration drilling rigs equipped with a range of features for safe and highly efficient drilling in remote areas of difficult terrain.

Dando’s mineral exploration rigs can be set up for conventional or wireline coring, Reverse Circulation, Rotary Air Blast, or open-hole boring and have proven themselves over and over in some of the most punishing conditions around the world.

Drilling Rigs (9)

Dando Terrier Rotary Rig

Perfect for rotary drilling in confined spaces of difficult access, this small, incredibly versatile drilling rig can be used for continuous flight & hollow stem augering, coring as well as drilling with tricones, drag bits and DTH hammers.

Angle Drilling Dando Terrier

The compact and versatile Dando Terrier is now available fitted with a mast dump for angle drilling up to 45 degrees from vertical.


Multitec 4000 MK3 Multipurpose Rig

Boasting a small footprint, the compact yet powerful Multitec 4000 provides incredible versatility and can be used for geotechnical, mineral, water well and GSHP drilling applications.

Multipurpose Drilling Rig

Multitec 9000 Multipurpose Rig

The Dando Multitec 9000 is a truly multipurpose drilling rig incorporating a pullback capacity of 10,000kg within a lightweight and compact structure. Perfect for water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical and GSHP drilling.

Coretec 9000 Coring Rig

Coretec 9000 Wireline Coring Rig

The Coretec 9000 has the ability to collect high quality core samples using either a chuck-drive head, or a dedicated and dependable high-speed top-drive rotary head, while operating on a small footprint.

SDC375 Sonic Drilling Rig

Using the sonic drilling technique, the SDC375 is a compact, robust drilling rig capable of rapidly collecting samples of up to 8 inches in diameter.

Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig

Mintec 12.8 Mineral Exploration Rig

With a pullback capacity of 12,800 kgf, the Mintec 12.8 is an extremely powerful mid-range mineral exploration drilling rig for wireline coring, reverse circulation and rotary air blast drilling in harsh environments.

Mintec 18 Mineral Exploration Rig

A large, powerful heavy-duty mineral exploration rig, the Mintec 18 is capable of wireline coring, reverse circulation and rotary air blast drilling in all geological formations to extreme depths. The rig boasts 18,000 kgf of pullback.

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